Pahrump Classes

Currently, students have the choice of staying in Pahrump which is a 10 minute drive to our range or Las Vegas which is a 45 minute drive.

There are three hotels in Pahrump.

Saddle West Casino Front

The Saddle West Casino Hotel at 800.433.3987

Saddle West Casino Side
Pahrump Nugget Front

The Pahrump Nugget is the newest hotel/casino at 866.751.6500.

Pahrump Nugget Side
Best Western Front

The Pahrump Station is a Best Western motel at 775.727.5100.

Best Western Side

The closest Las Vegas hotels are the Silverton Hotel Casino at 800.588.7711 and the Holiday Inn Express at 702.871.4453. The Silverton usually offers competitive rates because it is off the Strip.

RV Parks are available at the Saddle West, Pahrump Station, and the Silverton Hotels.

Combat Tactical Academy                           

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Travel & Lodging

Las Vegas Area Facility
There are many hotels to choose from in Las Vegas.  We utilize several ranges in the area.  We use a range in Pahrump, Boulder City and one in Las Vegas.  Please pay close attention to the email you receive to determine the location of your course.
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