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Attend a self defense gun training course at Combat Tactical Academy Firearms Training in Las Vegas, Nevada -- taught by professional law enforcement, military, and private instructors.. After your first self defense firearms training course at Combat Tactical Academy you will leave with firearms training skills that will make you feel better about the world around you!

Once you've completed your first Combat Tactical Academy course you'll be a more confident responsible self defense gun owner!

Please visit our Testimonials from law enforcement, military personnel, and private citizens who have attended our firearm training courses at Combat Tactical Academy.

These course are for you if: You are civilian who is new to defensive firearm training and want to learn firearms training skills; or you have a CCW concealed weapons permit and want to experience training of firearms that take you to the next level of training; or you are a law enforcement officer, private security officer or are a referral from another Combat Tactical Academy  denture we  provide one of the most comprehensive programs available in a 2 day format.

Programs Offered:

Handgun Courses
Law Enforcement Training
Police Academy Firearm Training
Agency Qualification Training
CCW Las Vegas
Armed Guard Card
Nevada CCW permit
CCW permit Nevada gun laws
Nevada gun permit
CCW Nevada
Concealed Carry Course
CCW Nevada Concealed Carry Permit course
Shotgun Courses
Rifle Courses
Carbine Courses
Precision Rifle Courses
Private Firearms Instruction in Las Vegas

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