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2 Day Level I Tactical Handgun Course

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Combat Tactical Academy

Law Enforcement Instructors and NRA Certified Instructors will present the same basic combat handgun techniques they teach to police and military personnel.

Combat Tactical Academy offers this introductory course designed to teach and develop the fundamental handgun skills necessary should a lethal confrontation arise. Whether you are a citizen interested in self-defense or an experienced Special Forces operator basic handgun skills are exactly the same. Whether you are a new shooter or one with years of experience, your skills WILL significantly improve. We Guarantee it.

This is a LIVE FIRE firearms course which takes you from the basics up through the defensive use of the handgun or shotgun.

Among the many handgun skills you acquire will be the ability to safely and easily draw your weapon from the holster and fire two, controlled shots to the center of a target 5 yards away – all under 2.5 seconds!

Basic Handgun Course

Your training includes the following:

• Safe gun handling
• Marksmanship - hitting your target fast and accurately
• Firing Stances - defending against attack from all sides
• Loading and Unloading your firearm
• Proper grip
• The 4 Miracles of Marksmanship - Sight Alignment, Sight Picture Trigger Control and Follow Through
• Target Engagement from Arms Length to 25 yards under Time Pressure
• Rapid Holster Presentations - presenting your weapon rapidly from a holster
• Controlled pairs - dramatically increasing follow-up shots and rate of fire while maintain accuracy
• Shooting from the “ready position” (the most used combat position) and “holster”
• Shooting From Concealment
• Engaging multiple targets
• Failure to stop drills
• Tactical reloading and emergency reloading
• Malfunctions
• After-engagement actions

Your gun handling, accuracy, and tactical skills will improve dramatically!

TIME: Class begins promptly at 8:00 a.m. (so please plan on arriving by 7:30 a.m.). Class ends at 4:00 p.m.

CONTACT: John Kern 888-844-8438 x 5

COST: Regular $500.00 
Return Students call for pricing.

Space is limited

Or email for reservations.

LOCATION: We have a Private Range in the Las Vegas area and directions will be emailed upon registration.


• Semi-Auto Pistol (9mm, 40 cal, or 45 cal) A backup is recommended
• 3 Magazines (minimum)
• Jacket or vest for concealment
• Eye protection
• Hearing protection
• Hat with visor (like a baseball hat)
• Solid belt (1 1/2 to 1 3/4” thick to hold holster firmly)
• Holster and magazine pouches
• 400-500 rounds of ammunition
• Pen and notepad
• Bag Lunch
• Snack and plenty of bottled water
• Sunscreen

NOTE: Please Note: Blackhawk Serpa Holsters are not recommend for this course. If that is all you have - we will disable the Serpa Locking Mechanism prior to the class. No shoulder holsters, no Inside the pants or IWB without prior consent from an instructor, no cross-draws or thigh rigs. Strong side belt holsters recommended (paddle is okay but not preferred).

Please call if you have any questions. We are glad to help you.

This is not an NRA approved course.

John Kern
Law Enforcement - Military - Government Agency Specialist

Agency Range Master - Laughlin Constable's Office

Sr. Range Master - Silver State Law Enforcement Academy

Master Instructor Development Graduate - International Assoc. of Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors

Category I Peace Officer P.O.S.T Certification
Category II Peace Officer P.O.S.T. Certification

Private Investigators Licensing Board - State of Nevada - CFI Certified Firearms Instructor

NRA Certified Law Enforcement Handgun Instructor
NRA Certified Law Enforcement Shotgun Instructor

NRA Certified Handgun Instructor
NRA Certified Home Defense Instructor
NRA Certified Rifle Instructor
NRA Certified Shotgun Instructor
NRA Certified Range Safety Officer

State of Nevada - LVMPD - Certified CCW Concealed Weapons Permit Instructor

Certified Simuntions® Instructor

Certified Glock Armorer

IALEFI - Member
International Assoc. of Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors

ILEETA - Member
International Law Enforcement Educators Association

Firearms Training Certifications:
Basic Handgun - Distinguished Graduate Certification
Intermediate Handgun - Distinguished Graduate Certification
Advanced Handgun - Distinguished Graduate Certification

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Where True Operators Gear Up™

We know there are many choices out there and we are glad you have chosen Combat Tactical Academy and Combat Tactical, Inc. for your training and equipment needs.


Toll Free 888-844-8438

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