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Combat Tactical Academy                           

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Rifle Courses

Level I
Tactical Rifle
2 Day
Your training includes the following:

Your training includes the following:
• Safe rifle handling
• Marksmanship - Fast and Accurate target hits
• Urban Prone and alternative shooting positions

• Loading and Unloading your firearm
• Proper grip
• The 4 Miracles of Marksmanship - Sight Alignment, Sight Picture Trigger Control and Follow Through
• Zeroing your rifle
• Target Engagement from Arms Length to 100 yards
• Mission specific weapon selection
• Learn the correct way to shoulder your rifle.
• Employing slings
• Learn mechanical offset
• High speed rhythm drills. Learn how to “Let your gun run”.

• Malfunctions & Tactical and Emergency reloads.
• Close Contact/Emergency response
• Engaging multiple targets
• Shooting on the move

Your gun handling, accuracy, and tactical skills will improve dramatically!

Regular Price $750.00

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Level I
Tactical Rifle
2 Day
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Level III
Tactical Handgun
Night Shoot

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