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Tactical Handcuff Basic Certification

ASP® Tactical Handcuff - Basic Certification for Law Enforcement & Security Officers

ASP Tactical Handcuff (1) one-day certification training teaches law enforcement officers, security officers, and other industry professionals Tactical Handcuffing fundamentals in an operational setting. The program is simple to learn and easy to understand. It provides efficient handcuff training and tactics for industry professionals without long hours of training. The techniques are designed to work effectively for all individuals, male, female, large and small. Length of Course: 4 hours.

Course Objective:

Provide the student with a basic understanding of the conditions in which the handcuffing may be used, justification for use and how to document these actions.

The ASP Tactical Handcuff programs are designed to meet three standards of training:

  • The techniques work on the street, not just in the classroom
  • The techniques are court defensible and are backed by the nation’s most experienced use of force consultants
  • The program is administratively feasible for use in a contemporary law enforcement agency

Course Description:

  • 4 Hour hands on participatory seminar
  • Trained operational use of the ASP tactical handcuffs

   Focus on:

  1. Portation (Carrying)
  2. Presentation (Drawing)
  3. Handcuff application techniques
  • ASP tactical restraints are designed as a temporary restraints
  • Provides efficient restraint tactics for criminal justice personnel without long hours of training
  • The tactics are quickly learned, easily practiced and readily maintained
  • Provides techniques that work 90% of the time on 90% of subjects and retains the ability to disengage or escalate
  • Works effectively for all law enforcement officers
  • The training incorporates drills which simulate the wide variety of street encounters which require restraints
  • Provide you with a understanding of the conditions in which restraints may be used, justification for use and how to document these actions

Course includes certification and wallet card valid for 3 years through ASP-USA


Course Introduction and Course Description

  • Program Standards
  • Safety
  • Control Theory
  • Confrontational Continuum
  • Force Options
  • Use of Force Evaluations
  • Documentation
  • Liability Considerations
  • Technical Baton Characteristics
  • Components
  • Operating Systems
  • Maintenance
  • Body Mechanics
  • The Pyramid
  • Hand Position
  • Power Generation
  • Training Terminology
  • Weapon Side
  • Reaction Side
  • Forgiving Techniques
  • Gross Motor Skills
  • Fine Motor Skills
  • Training Format
  • Verbalization
  • Stances
  • Safe Separation
  • Basic Baton Skills
  • Carrying the Baton
  • ASP Modes
  • Target Areas
  • Opening / Closing the ASP Baton
  • Baton Strikes
  • Closed Mode Strikes
  • Open Mode Strikes
  • Counter Strike vs. Blocking
  • Weapon Retention
  • Evaluation
  • Practical Application Test
  • Written Examination
  • Certificate Presentation
  • Drawing the Baton
  • Baton Grip
  • Securing the Baton
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