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Shotgun Courses

Level i
Tactical Shotgun
1 Day

Level I
Tactical Shotgun
 1 Day

This is a LIVE FIRE firearms course which the defensive use of one of the most powerful and devastating self defense weapons systems.
You will learn to engage an adversary with tactical shotgun techniques. Through the disciplines of patterning and slug selection your skills and environmental awareness will take you to a new level of confidence and effectiveness with the shotgun.

Your training includes the following:
• Safe shotgun handling
• Marksmanship - Fast and Accurate target hits
• Firing Stances - off-hand, kneeling and prone      
• Loading and Unloading your firearm
• Proper grip
• The 4 Miracles of Marksmanship - Sight Alignment, Sight Picture Trigger Control and Follow Through
• Zeroing with Slugs
• Patterning your weapon
• Target Engagement from Arms Length to 50                 yards
• Low ready, High ready, Indoor ready
• Employing slings
• Slug selection education
• Close Contact/Emergency response
• Engaging multiple targets
• Cover vs. concealment
• Malfunctions
• Lecture

Level I
Tactical Rifle
2 Day
Coming Soon

Level II
Tactical Shotgun
2 Day
coming soon
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