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CCW Shooting Test Qualification Standards


 As part of the CCW permit application process you must qualify with a firearm with a shooting proficiency skills evaluation.

Revolver Qualification/Semi-Automatic Qualification

To qualify for your CCW you may use either a semi-automatic or a revolver. You may qualify with any semi-automatic pistol or revolver. The manufacturer and caliber of the actual pistol you qualify with are irrelevant.

How To Qualify

 If you already own a gun you can qualify with us at our CCW class at the range.  Bring the revolver or semi-auto that you own.

Standard Required to Qualify

You must score 70% at the following distances from the target...

3 yards - 6 rounds

5 yards - 12 rounds

7 yards - 12 rounds

What You Need to Bring

  • Bring the type of gun (revolver or semi-auto) for which you want to qualify.
  • Bring 50 rounds of ammo for each gun for which you want to qualify.
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